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Xfce Desktop Environment for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.


Latest Xfce version:
Sid: 4.12
Stretch: 4.12
Jessie: 4.10
Wheezy: 4.8
Squeeze: 4.6.2

General information

project homepage on alioth
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xfce home page


If you're interested in helping with development, you've found some terrible bug and you'd like to NMU or you wonder if there isn't some new-fangled technique we could use in our packaging to make the world a better place do tell us. Either send a message to the list or pop by on IRC.

Your help is appreciated! Please subscribe to the mailing list and join us.

We coordinate our efforts on a mailing list. The list archives are available.

There is also an IRC channel on freenode called #debian-xfce. Developers and users alike are more than welcome to join the discussion.

Subversion repository

Our work is available under subversion.

Anonymous access:
svn co svn://

Developer access: svn co svn+ssh://
Obviously, replace 'username' with your alioth username.

All our work is in a browsable subversion repository.

A mailing list called pkg-xfce-commits stores the various subversion commits.
If you want to follow the development, you're encouraged to subscribe.

Package building

We only keep the debian/ directory of xfce packages in subversion. We mostly use debhelper 7 tiny rules, hardening features from dpkg-dev 1.16.1 and debhelper 9 and package format 3.0 (quilt). Some of Our packages still use CDBS with simple-patchsys when they have not been migrated yet.

It is necessary to create a ../tarballs directory with the .orig.gz tarballs, which are all downloadable at once as follows:
$ cd scripts
$ ./ [desktop|goodies]

You can download a single source package using:
$ ./ [desktop|goodies] <package>

To start the real process:
$ svn-buildpackage --svn-ignore-new -rfakeroot -us -uc

Note that every option accepted by dpkg-buildpackage is accepted by svn-buildpackage too. (In the former example: -rfakeroot -us -uc).

For more detailed instructions, see our HOWTOs.

If you want to rebuild Xfce entirely you can use the pbuilder script available in scripts/pbuilder/ though you probably want to change the MIRROR= line in pdebuild.conf to point to a local apt-proxy first. The script creates a sid chroot, then builds everything in this chroot, using previously built packages to satisfy dependencies. The script takes an argument, which can be:

The script resumes itself where it was interrupted. If you want to only rebuild a package, just remove the xfce/build/<packagename> file and restart ./

You can also build only one package in pbuilder using the following syntax: $ ./ [desktop|goodies] [package]

Legacy information

Old information about xfce4 in Debian can be found on a wiki used for Xfce main packages coordination.

Binary repositories

You can install xfce4 as follows:

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install xfce4
$ apt-get install xfce4-goodies

The pkg-xfce weather:

xfce bugs weather

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